Jim Oliveira is an artist who unites color and texture through a pouring technique and process of his own design. By incorporating ink and raw pigment into a gloss medium, he has created a material that can be poured but also controlled. The surfaces of his work vary depending on the amount of ink and pigments used; some have surfaces that resemble glass while others take on the rough characteristics of rock and earth. The enigmatic skins only hint at the materials and technique he employs.

In 2004, after many years in the studio and far away from the art world, Jim exhibited a series of paintings entitled “Patchwork” at Tribeca’s Mondo Cane Gallery. This sold-out exhibition was followed the next year by the show “Small Pieces”. This installation included “Chromatic Horizon”, a 4 foot by 60 foot painting in 15 panels. Several series ensued – monochromatics and a group of multi-colored paintings which Jim named “Color Piles”. These paintings were created using a combination of pouring and stacking, creating built-up surfaces composed of thousands of “pours”.

Beginning in 2006, Jim created a series of chairs using 1950’s and 60’s fiberglass shells which he covered with thousands of “pieces” – pours of paint, piled one atop the next and fused to the surface, This foray into furniture led to one of Jim’s most ambitious projects; a series of gold pigmented sculptural chairs, benches, cubes and paintings which together became “The Gold Show”. This installation opened at Mondo Cane in 2008 and was featured in Interni Magazine, New York.

In 2009, Jim moved his studio from New Hampshire to Milan, New York. In addition to his “poured” paintings, he began a new series of “poured” sculptures which incorporate foundry molds and found objects. Jim is also currently working on two new series of painting: The Confetti Series (2009), and The Banded Several series ensued – Confetti Series (2011). In April of 2011, paintings from the Confetti Series were exhibited at the Dallas Art Fair, and since May Jim has been showing new paintings with Gebert Contemporary in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Jim’s work has been featured in The New York Times, New York Magazine, City Magazine, House Beautiful, Interior Design Magazine, New York Spaces, Free and Easy, Details, Elle Décor Italy, Interni Design Guide New York, Casa Brutus Magazine, Jonathan Adler’s award-winning book from 2006, and several other books on art and design. In 2011, Jim’s work appeared in two new books: Tricia Guild’s Colors, Patterns, and Space, and Dealers Choice by Craig Kellogg.

Jim divides his time between his home in Manhattan, and his studio in Milan, New York.